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Included below are three reviews of AK-46 which medical cannabis patients posted on leafy, a marijuana strain network for patients..


AK-47, despite the wicked name, is a sativa dominant hybrid with effects that are on the mellow and relaxing side of the spectrum.  AK-47 is the perfect strain for medication at any time of the day, keeping MMJ patients relaxed, alert, and mentally sharp with a strong cerebral buzz.  The strain is perfect for medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and low appetite.  Due to its hybrid genetics, AK-47 is able to cover a wide spectrum of symptoms, making it a perfect choice for many patients who medicate every day.

AK-47 was created by Serious Seeds in 1992, and has since won numerous awards, including awards in the Cannabis Cup.  The strain is a cross between Mexican and Columbian landrace strains mixed with Thai and Afghan landraces. AK-47 smells like diesel, skunk, and berries and is well known for being extremely pungent.  The wide variety of global genetics and notoriously high THC content makes AK-47 a very sought after strain.

AK-47 grows with huge sticky trichomes that coat the plants with visible white resin.  The plants grow at a medium height with big buds and a notoriously high yield, one of the strains many famous traits.  The plants are extremely pungent while flowering, and even thought the flowering time is short, the buds grow very dense and resinous.


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