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  • Vanilla sponge cake, vanilla custard and chocolate glaze $8.75
  • This was pretty much a light and fluffy chiffon meets sponge cake with a very thick layer of custard in between.
  • I found it quite simple and boring especially for $8.75.
  • It’s just such a literal interpretation of a Boston Cream cake with lack of imagination and passion.
  • I didn’t like that the chocolate was only on the outside and there was no incorporation of it.
  • It was comparable to a chiffon cake and it wasn’t buttery so it was more like a springy sponge cake. It was light and airy like an Angel Food Cake too, but not nearly as sweet as one. It’s not that sweet at all actually and it was a bit dry.
  • The custard was very thick, rich and quite good, but it also doesn’t have much flavour. It just coated your mouth and they gave you a lot which I liked because there was so much cake.
  • The chocolate ganache was more like a dense bittersweet soft chocolate truffle and I really wish they had melted chocolate drizzled over the cake upon serving it too.
  • It was just hard to enjoy the cake as a whole and I was eating it in sections.
  • This sounds bad, but the best custard cream I’ve had was in the Cock N’ Balls Donut I had from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. I’m serious. The one in the Saint Honore Cake at Fratelli Bakery in Vancouver is excellent as well.

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